Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Gongcha Marketing Research - 1152 Words

Problem 1: Evaluate the current position of Gong Cha A. Exploratory Research To formulate problems and find out the key attributes in customers’ point of view which influence the preference for Taiwanese beverages mostly, we have to conduct exploratory research to know more about consumers’ views on Gong Cha’s current image. At the end of the exploratory research, we would like to formulate hypothesis on how the most significant attribute and customers’ tendency to make a purchase are related, based on consumers’ perceptions and opinions towards Gong Cha. B. Data Collection Method We have recruited suitable respondents and run several focus groups with them to hold discussions about their views on Gong Cha’s current brand image. One of†¦show more content†¦E. Sampling Procedure-- Judgmental Sampling To select an appropriate sampling method, two major areas are to be concerned: needs of the particular research situation and cost. After considering the sampling frame, we have adopted the judgmental sampling method in which the sample elements are selected. The samples are drawn by this method has tried Gong Cha beverages at least once. By selecting the sample through such hiring process, we can focus on how different age groups perceive Gong Cha’s current brand and how the satisfactory level on different attributes (price, variety, service, healthiness, efficiency) affecting customers’ purchasing behavior on Taiwanese beverages. This sampling procedure helps generating more insights to the superior and inferior attributes of Gong Cha effectively. Another concern is the cost. Using non-probability samples, it is less expensive and less time consuming. F. Sample size The sample size chosen is representative enough but not too costly. In exploratory stage, it is desirable to conduct in relatively small sample size due to the budget constraint and the nature of the research. Hence, we have set n=8 to 10 members for each focus group. We have contacted 85 people and 20 respondents are qualified and have attended the focus groups. Data Analysis We have organized 3 focus groups and all of them are conducted in Cantonese so that respondents can freely express their opinions. Guiding Questions are as follows:

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