Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Paraphrase for Discussion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 5

Paraphrase for Discussion - Essay Example In the case where multiple tubes are placed in a staggered pattern, just as in the experiment, each additional row progressively creates more turbulence on the other proceeding rows. Thus, this increase in turbulence leads to an increase in heat transfer for each tube rows. A keen look at the rate of increase in heat transfer from one row to another will reveal a decreasing trend with more decrease realized in those rows farthest from the first row of the heat exchangers. This is attributable to the fact that all the flow in the in the first row of heat exchangers is at first laminar before being converted into turbulent. On the other hand, the subsequent rows function as a turbulence generating grid, which therefore increases the turbulence in the entire heat exchanger. Still, for each additional row encountered, a larger percentage of the flow hitting a particular row is already turbulent before the hit leading to a release of just a small of percentage of the flow for conversion to turbulent flow. For instance, if 60% of laminar flow is converted to turbulent for each row that the flow encounters, the returns will be diminishing. This implies that for the first row, 60% of the flow will be turbulent whereas for the second and third rows only 78% and 84% respectively will be converted. Finally, the other factor that affects the heat transfer coefficient is the difference in temperature between the surface of the element and air. Since the heat transfer coefficient varies inversely with the difference in temperature (see equation 5), this implies that transfer coefficient for a given heat transfer increases as the temperature difference decreases. The second experiment was conducted to examine the effect of heat transfer as a function of location on a cylinder. A cylindrical probe was used to measure the heat transfer as a function of angle. The measurements were taken for uniform flow in an air tunnel. A

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