Friday, October 18, 2019

Instruction Set Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Instruction Set - Essay Example While ATMs are relatively user friendly, they can nevertheless, be confusing and intimidating for those who have never used the machine or for those who are uncomfortable by technology in general. A simple step-by-step guide to using an ATM machine can hopefully dispel such apprehensions, since an ATM is a facility that all should access without fear. This guide may also be useful for those individuals who are comfortable with an ATM, but need to be aware of the precautionary elements involved in using such a machine in a public place. Indeed, it is only through the wise and careful use of technology that it can be harnessed fruitfully for one’s own benefit. While most commonly used for the purpose of cash withdrawal, an ATM can be used for multiple other tasks as well. These include: Cash withdrawal Cash deposit This guide will give step-by-step instructions to conduct the above mentioned tasks, in addition to providing precautionary information. Things needed: ATM Card: This card is provided by the bank. Personal Identification Number (PIN): The PIN is the code to accessing the account, therefore, must be kept hidden and secure at all times. A stolen card is of little value to the thief if the PIN is unknown. ATM: An Automatic Teller Machine is specifically designed for the purpose of making transactions via an ATM card. ... is in a well lit place There are people around, but not too close to see you enter your PIN Make sure you haven’t been followed by someone Remember! If at any point you feel uncomfortable with the ATM, look for another one, or go to a bank for your required transaction. Personal safety is always the first priority! Cash Withdrawal: Once a secure ATM has been chosen, carefully follow these steps to withdraw cash from the machine: Insert the ATM card into the machine. There will be a slot indicating the correct direction in which the card needs to be inserted. Remember: do not try inserting a card if the slot is not free. It may result in malfunctioning of the machine, and eventual confiscating of the ATM card. To avoid all such problems, be patient and insert the card in the card slot only when a green light is on. Once the card is inserted, select a language. This option is available for ATM cards that are registered in banks that support multiple language options. After selec ting the language, the ATM screen will ask you to enter your Personal Identification Number. Carefully enter the correct code, and press Enter. This will give you access to your personal account. The screen will now display a list of options to choose from, including cash withdrawal and fast cash. Both options are for cash withdrawal purposes, however, fast cash allows you to go through the process quicker. Cash withdrawal: Select the cash withdrawal option The machine will ask you to enter the amount needed to withdraw Use the ATM’s keypad to enter the amount you wish to withdraw. Remember, there is a limit to the amount of cash one can withdraw from an ATM. While the limit differs from country to country and region to region, it is useful to be aware of the limit on cash withdrawals to avoid

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