Monday, September 9, 2019

Management information system Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Management information system - Research Paper Example w material, labor, managerial skills and manufacturing from the different parts of the world where they can be achieved at a good quality and rate, and use technology for communication, logistics and dispatch : (Magee, Copacino & Rosenfield, 1985). In this way, they are able to achieve a strategic fit between the company’s ability and the outcome expectation, increasing the efficiency rate and productivity. The use of technology alone is not a sufficient explanation of the countless possibilities and opportunities these invention pose. Their use varies from the customized machinery, sophisticated communication, swift logistics and the use of smart information systems to enhance the business processes. The strength of one or many of its key technologies can lead to them obtaining competitive advantage over the other market rivals. This brings us to the focus of this study i.e. Management Information systems. The aim of this paper is to highlight the concept and importance of MIS and how it helps B2B businesses to make their processes easier, faster, accurate and real-time. Businesses involve the management of an array of information that is accumulated from it various processing. For example, a simple sale has to show a decrease in the inventory, increase in the revenues and increase in the procurement order. Apart from the strictly business related processes, organizations also have to ensure that they are complete updated information of their employees, performance evaluations, compensation program briefs etc. there are several underlying areas of data underneath the title of these major ones. Managers of today have the task of using this information to gain meaningful data. They also strive to integrate their processes and link them technologically so that one change can automatically change the subsequent data that related to it. In this way managers have real-time information about the various processes at any given time. Management information systems are

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