Sunday, August 4, 2019

The Holiday of Ramadan :: Ramazan Islam Religion

Ramazan is fast approaching, evoking excitement and anticipation in people of all ages. The very thought of it conjures up images of a splendid month of fasting and the general spirit of well-wishing and generosity. No mention of Ramazan would be complete without referring to the special food and drink prepared during this month. Samosas, special sweets and drinks all lighten up the dinner table as families sit down together for Iftaar. But the change in eating, sleeping and working habits during the month affect our health more adversely than otherwise. Excessive sleeping and eating, obesity, heartburn, constipation, lethargy and disturbed routines are problems that have mushroomed in recent years due to our own mishandling of this auspicious month. However, to ensure a fruitful and fulfilling Ramazan this year, we need to keep some important things in mind. As the month approaches, prepare yourself both mentally and physically. Make an effort to unburden yourself at work by getting more done in the preceding month. It is important to try and reorganise your routine ahead of Ramazan, to ease the transition and to shift the workload appropriately when the need arises. As Ramazan draws nearer, it is very important to make a sincere effort to switch to healthier eating habits, no matter how impossible it may seem when you actually get there. Starting the practise early can help. During the time leading up to Ramazan, adopt simple and healthier eating habits, like eating only when hungry and leaving a portion of the stomach empty. This will make your body more active, light and full of energy by stimulating the utilisation of internal energy reserves. Many children also enjoy going to Tarawih with elders, even though it means returning home late and tired. There is a sense of novelty with the totally different schedule and activities that Ramazan is made up of, and the enjoyment that children derive from it is something that only they can understand. As they grow older, you can see their enthusiasm wearing off.

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