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Shakespeare's Hamlet Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Shakespeare's Hamlet - Research Paper Example In the process, he is involved in several occasions of double mind which puts him at a cross road in some instances (Hapgood & Shakespeare, 24). In the process he causes the deaths of several characters in the play either directly or indirectly (Shakespeare, 114). He also plays an indirect role in the death of his love Ophelia and his mother whom he mistakenly poisoned with food. However throughout the play and in Hamlet actions, he shows sense of double-mindedness as he struggles with his internal thoughts and efforts to sanity. The first instance in which Hamlet shows inability to decide on one issue is when he was not able to decide on whether you revenge or not. It is evident in the play that Hamlet is seeking the truth about his father’s death and hence believe that from that truth, he would be able to reach to the killers of his father. Generally, hamlet is seeking for truth as an effort to justify his acts of revenge (Bradley, 84). However, it is important to realize th at these acts of revenge are called for by the ghost which he does not trust. In this context, Hamlet has double minds as to whether to believe the ghost of his father or whether to reject such believes. As outlined by Bradley (85), â€Å"this is the tragedy of a man who could not make up his mind.† This is recognition of Hamlet’s views which were divided equally and the possibility in acting in one way or the other was half possible. It is important to note that he viewed almost everything in two perspectives and hence it was difficult to decide the way to go. According to Rosenberg (440), Hamlet can be described as an individual who knows all that he wants and all that according to him would be right. However, Hamlet deliberately decides to avoid the right thing. This perspective of Hamlet is also observed by Rosenberg (441). Failure of his efforts is not linked in any way to the inability to act but on the unwillingness to act swiftly and at the right time to save t he community. Hamlet is also divided in the mind whether to revenge or not because he fears the spirits and not because he cannot revenge (Furness & Shakespeare, 24). He is very much aware that he has defied the ghost and hence he tries to assert that the spirits of the dead are more dangerous and may follow him. While Hamlet tries to find out whether he would be right to act in accordance to the ghost request, it is evident that something is ringing at the back of his mind that he has not done what he is supposed to do. It is therefore important to notice that there are two thoughts that are antagonistic in his mind. As a result he is always undecided and hence leads top several mistakes which result into deaths of his relatives. Hamlet is disturbed by the fact that he has not done something that is impressive or aggressive towards his father’s death. As a result, he wants to please his father but wants to confirm the truth about the accusations by the ghost. In this context , Hamlet is at a crossroad with double minds (Rosenberg, 439). He looks at all the alternative actions, weighs them and finds out that they are actually bear the same weight. While he understands the consequence of either action he wants to make the best decision out of the two available decisions. It is therefore important for him to please his father’s ghost at the same time do not want to revenge or what is not tangible or revenge by mistake. Moreover, the lack of action by Hamlet presents to him a lot

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