Friday, August 2, 2019

Reading Response Abel’s Island

Chessman, this Is my reading response on Babel's Island, It Is a Newbury Honor book by William Stein, a short, sweet, enjoyable story. This book have 117 pages, I love this book so much that I spend only one day to finish the whole book. This book Is about a little mouse, Babel's adventure story on the Island, he encountered many problems, but also learned many meaningful things, and he became a better person after he finally returned home.I love all the things In this kook, all the exciting adventures of Able, all the lovely Illustrations, and all the beautiful writing by William Steel, he use all the most beautiful words In the world and created an island in the dream. I believe no matter what age you are at, anyone who have a heart that contains dream will love this sweet story by William Stein. – Summary: Able, the elegant mouse live in the Impossible is enjoying a picnic in the forest with his wife Amanda, but they are interrupted by a fierce rainstorm and are forced to t ake shelter in a cave nearby.There is already many animals in the cave, so Able and Amanda must stand on the edge. A hard wind blows up Manta's scarf, Able bravely lump down and try to reach the scarf, he did reach it but the wind blows up Able into a river and he is swept downstream until he is stranded on an island. Able attempts to escape the island several times the day after the storm, even though he haven't do any work at Impossible. He build a wood ship, but failed two times for crossing the river, then he decide to make a bridge, he first made of piled up stone, and he tried o build a straw bridge, but both of them didn't work out.And finally realizes that he must survive on the island by himself. He finds a log and makes it his home in the winter. To ease his loneliness since he is the only animal that have wisdom on the Island, he creates his family out of clay and talks to them. Able also found a book called [Sons and Daughters] and a big pocket watch left by some big civ ilized creatures, these things give Able more fun and let him believe there will be some veiled animals to visits again and save him.In the harsh winter, Able has to live through the hardest times, including battling an owl, stores the food, and live under the darkness in the log. But everything became better when the spring comes, the owl Is gone, and another stranded volt from the river, a frog named Grower, comes and became best friends with Able. The had some really good times In the spring. Later, Grower leaves when the water of the river became warmer and promising that he will send for help when he gets back home.However, due to Grower's lack of memory, Able didn't receive any help after weeks passed. Able then decides to swim against the fierce river after the water level has dropped sufficiently, he think If he didn't go this time, maybe he will waited to next year again. Then Able swim across to Impossible. Able go back to his house, his wife Amanda haven't return, Able ch anged his best clothing and papered Manta's scarf, he will have many, many stories to tell her! – Connections: In the book, I read that

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