Friday, August 23, 2019

Project Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Project - Coursework Example This organization was founded back in 1902 and together with its subsidiaries; it engages is production, marketing and distribution of non-alcoholic beverages, most of which belong to the Coca Cola Company. The CCBCC trades in sparkling beverages like energy drinks, and still beverages such as bottled mineral water, tea, ready to drink coffee, juices, enhanced water as well as sports drinks. The beverage agreement under which it operates is the cola agreement and the allied beverage agreement that allows the company to produce distribute and market the sparkling beverage products of the COCA COLA Company in specified regions. This company sells and distributes its products directly to retail stores and other outlets. Food markets, institutional accounts, and vending machine outlet are some of the outlets served by this company. The bottling rights used by this company were issued to it directly by the Coca Cola Company to bottle in the area covering North Carolina, South Carolina and West Virginia. It also covers some parts of Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Florida and Georgia. This company has fulltime employees that amount to 5,000 and part time employees amounting to 1,500. The total number of employees in this company is about 6,500. The top leardership of the company is composed of the Board of Directors whose members are together with; J. Frank Harrison (Chairman of the Board and the Chief Executive officer), Henry W. Slint (President, COO, Secretary and Director), William H Jones (Independent Director) , Morgan Harrison Everett (Director and Director Community Relations), and James H. Morgan (Independent Director) (Nasdaq, 2014). The Coca Cola Bottlers Consolidated operates under the consumable goods industry under the soft drink sector. This industry is filled with several competitors; some produce consumables that are not actually soft drinks; hence are in different sectors but within the same industry. At the

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