Friday, August 9, 2019

CASE ASSIGNMENT MODULE 4 Union Organizing Essay

CASE ASSIGNMENT MODULE 4 Union Organizing - Essay Example Current Issue: The case does not provide a clear idea of the current issues within the company. However one of the many possible issues in the company is the fact that the employees have already been faced with a major change in the company without any prior notice or even a chance to discuss the change. The company has had a change in the teams, change job titles, work assignments and the pay structure, and the only thing that was very strongly communicated to the employees was, â€Å"this is how it will be†. This has obviously caused a major uproar among the employees and has also led to a distasteful change for the employees. This can be one of the possible reasons for the employees to take a serious decision and work towards unionization. Plan: The first step that needs to be taken here is to identify the source of the issue. To do so, the first step will be to conduct a meeting with all the managers and team leaders across the organisation. Here the main task that will be given to all the managers will be to bring out the possible reasons that the employees have chosen and are attempting this change (Grossman). This will further be followed by a report stating the worse case scenarios of the implementation of the unions both for the company as well as the employees. Here several different elements like the policy details as well as the company have a number of policies against the unionization. The next step will be to bring in a training professional to assist the managers and every top level management in terms of responding to the employees and the unions (Gerson). Here a detailed understanding of unionisation and the impact it has on the company will be discussed. These supervisors should also be trained properly in responding to questions from employees about unions.  Ã‚  Another crucial aspect of the overall scene is the need for good communication with the employees and also an attempt of the organisation to take up the responsibility to un derstand the needs of the employees (Gerson). Here to do so, the managers can include individual meeting with the employees or team meetings where everyone can voice their concerns. Also, a complaint redressal team needs to be included in the company to help get all the issues and complaints that the employees are facing and to address them well at the earliest. The company also needs to focus on the supervisor training and as explained by Gerson (1998), â€Å"employers who fail to provide supervision with periodic labor law training are asking for trouble. Once a union campaign is under way, it may be too late to provide the necessary training. Often, legal mistakes made at the beginning of a union drive can seriously undermine an employer's ability to counter the union's organizing efforts† (Gerson). It is crucial to look at all possible areas where the possible issue arises from, hence one of the many which can be a cause is the issue of low pay for the employees. Hence he re the focus will be to check and in any case try and make the work place a more flexible and also better, pay structure, benefits, and working conditions for the employees (Grossman). Also, it is important to note that competition information is also an essential aspect of the business and needs to be considered as well (Segal). Also, to help ensure that the company is working in line and effectively,

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