Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Biology Questions and Answers Essay Example for Free

Biology Questions and Answers Essay 2.) a) proteins b.) i) Amylase ii) Protease iii) Lipase c) i) Glucose ii) Amino Acids iii) Fatty acids and Glycerol 3.) a.) Each enzyme has a unique shape that fits onto the substrate. As enzymes normally only catalyse one reaction the substrate has to fit in the specific shape (active site) and if it doesn’t fit in (lock and key method) then the enzyme won’t be catalysed. b.) As when the enzyme is denatured it’s special shape is destroyed, thus destroying it’s active site meaning that the substrate wont be able to fit in, therefore not catalysing the enzyme. c.) As enzymes are specific when an enzyme catalyses an enzyme it can be used over and over again as they are not changed during the reaction. 5.) a.) if the concentration of the enzyme is increased the rate f the reaction will increase. This is because there will be more enzymes to help break down the substrate, however when the enzyme reaches it’s optimum it will be equal. b.) if the temperature is decreased it will drop the rate of reaction and slow down the speed of catalysing. c.) if the pH is lowered then the rate of reaction will drop causing the pH to interfere with the bonds holding the enzyme together and denaturing the enzyme. 7.) a.) i) the rate of reaction is increasing at a positive constant correlation, because the increase in temperature is causing the enzymes to move around faster increasing the chance of a collision. ii) the rate suddenly drops after it’s hit the optimum temperature, this is because the bonds holding the enzyme together have broke destroying enzymes special shape. b.) It increases it as it causes the enzymes to move around faster increasing the chance of a collision. c.) the bonds change it’s special shape causing it unable to catalyse substances. d.) A. it could be pepsin in the stomach e.) B, it could be phosphatases f.) it is very narrow.

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