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HISTORY Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

HISTORY - Essay Example Born on January 6, 1858 in New York city, he became the President of USA on September 14, 1901 and served the nation till March 4, 1909. He once again ran for Presidency in 1912, but while campaigning in Milwaukee, he was shot in the chest. Roosevelt recovered soon, but could not survive long enough and died in his sleep in 1919. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1906, for negotiating the peace in the Russo-Japanese War. 2. The Ming-Qing dynasties: The Ming and Qing dynasties of China were two of the most successful dynasties in Chinese history. The Ming Dynasty came after the Yuan dynasty and existed during 1368-1644. Corruption was the main reason behind the demise of Ming dynasty. People rebelled against the Ming dynasty for being corrupt and efficient, thus paving the way for Qing dynasty in 1644. 3. The Industrial Revolution: Industrial revolution may be defined as the extensive use of power driven machinery in making products. It was not a sudden movement, but a gradual process and picked up momentum by the beginning of the eighteenth century in England when the manufacturing industries stared using machines in a big way. 4. Peter the Great: Born in 1672, Peter the Great was tsar of Russia during 1682-1725. He is credited with bringing Russia on the path of growth and development. Officially known as Peter I, he gave himself the title 'Peter the Great'. 5. The French Revolution: The French Revolution began in 1789 with the meeting of the States General in May. From October 1791 to Sept 1792, a Legislative Assembly was in session. In 1792 in the face of the advance of the allied armies of Austria, Holland, Prussia, and Sardinia, the assembly was replaced by the National Convention, which proclaimed the Republic. The King was brought to trial in December of 1792, and executed on January 21, 1793. 6. The Tokugawa Shogunate came to an official end in 1868, with the resignation of the 15th Tokugawa Shogun, Tokugawa Yoshinobu and the "restoration" (ssei fukko) of imperial rule. 7. The Scramble for Africa: The period of 1872 to 1912 is regarded as the period when the European powers started grabbing the territory and the resources in African continent. This caused tensions between European nations, which subsequently resulted in WW-I 8. The Mexican Revolution of 1911: The basic reason behind the Mexican revolution was the dictatorship of President President Porfirio Diaz, who ruled the country for 31 years. Francisco I. Madero was the man behind the move, which he initiated in October 1910, by calling the newly held elections as fraud. This move ultimately resulted in the collapse of President Diaz in March

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