Thursday, June 20, 2019

Traveling Abroad Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Traveling Abroad - Essay ExampleVenezuela, Russia, South Korea and China, have withal been enlisted to be ranked in the category of projecting unfriendliness towards foreign visitors (Cha, 2013).Nevertheless, as these places present some unique tourism cultures and attractions, tourists locoweed take certain deterrent measures when visiting these places. It is worth mentioning in this context that the top priority of every tourist or traveller should be to look forward to his/her own refuge first and then, worry about their travelling experiences. An individual should also take into consideration certain essential facts before going for an international trip. Above all, the most(prenominal) important fact is that every foreign visitor, no matter to whichever nation they visit, should go through the past records of every foreign visitor related offensive activity that occurred within that nation and take requisite measures thereto (U. S. Passport & International Travel, 2014).Th ey should also have some formulated backup planning about how to keep back themselves in case they get into any sort of get to. Apart from this, the travelers should also book travel packages through registered traveling agencies. Adding to that, they should continuously keep in liaison with their family members or some local law authorities who might be helpful in case the travelling individuals get into any sort of trouble (U. S. Passport & International Travel, 2014).Moreover, every international airport is quite likely to maintain a certain degree of safety and an authoritative body who can provide necessary information on the risk rates of various areas within their countries. Apart from these safety measures, the tourists should also keep hold of their necessary appointment documents. They should avoid high level of exposure and contact with local inhabitants as well. The visitors should further keep

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