Monday, June 24, 2019

Teaching Paper - Nursing Considerations for Teaching Patient hope to Research

Teaching - Nursing Considerations for Teaching Patient hope to deal with Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension and Renal Disease - Research Paper useSince hypertension and type II diabetes is caused by eating habits and lifestyle issues, health teachings should include proper meal plan which focuses on consistent and regulated white plague of the following (1) calories and carbohydrates based on the patients age, gender, body weight, and height (2) vitamins (3) minerals (4) increased fiber (5) low sodium diet and (6) moderate sugar depending on the patients blood glucose level.It is equally important to encourage the patient to lessen or stop the habit of smoking (nicotine), drinking of alcohol, and avoid disagreeable situations which could lead to the increase of blood pressure (Johnson, 2004, p. 432). Instead ofDepending on the patients age, nurses should consider the patients physical maturation, cognitive abilities, and psychosocial development when conducting health teaching (Habel, 2007). Although the patient is well-educated and prefers all learning styles the nurse should always consider the age factor and readiness to learn. Since the patient is 65-year old, there is a accident that the patient is experiencing learning barrier related to loss of hearing. In this case, the nurse should consider the idea of allowing the patient to read the health-related materials.The patients readiness to learn is an important factor behind the success of nurses health teachings. In case the patient is not interested in learning collectable to physical discomfort such as pain, the nurse should take more time to teach the patient health information in short details.apt to the patients health condition, nursing diagnosis may include high random blood glucose levels of more than 200 mg/dL out-of-pocket to type II diabetes (Johnson, 2004, p. 286). For chronic renal failure, nursing diagnosis will include excessive fluid volume caused by sodium and water belongings (decreas ing the patients urine output) (Johnson, 2004, p. 677).To prove that allowing the patient to read nurses health

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