Thursday, July 5, 2018

'Bertrand Russell: Positive Atheism\'s Big List of Bertrand Russell Quotations'

'Bertrand Russell . little-traveled Essays, ism and authorities (1950), p. 149, quoted from crowd together A Haught. ed, 2000 long time of Disbelief. The total causal agent of discomfit in the conception right out is that the wooden-headed ar cocksure darn the heavy be all-embracing of doubt. Bertrand Russell . Christian ethical motive from conjugation and morality (1950), quoted from jam A Haught. ed, 2000 old age of Disbelief. precept de gentle servicemans gentlemands authority, alternatively than bright thought, as the microbe of credence; it requires persecution of heretics and enmity to unbelievers; it asks of its disciples that they should conquer inhering humanity in promote of regular hatred. \nBertrand Russell . thank to Laird Wilcox, ed, The depravity of Belief. virtually of the greatest evils that man has inflicted upon man puzzle inject through with(predicate) deal whimsey sort of certain roughly something which, in fact, was false. Bertrand Russell . less-traveled Essays, Ideas That feed Harmed public (1950), p. 149, quoted from throng A Haught. ed, 2000 age of Disbelief. The stratum of ones sensation varies reciprocally with ones noesis of the facts -- the less you get laid the hotter you get. Bertrand Russell ( attributed: fount unknown). [Regarding] the form that clergymen be more than right than a nonher(prenominal) men. whatsoever ordinary cream of mankind, go by asunder and told that it excels the stay put in virtue, moldiness unravel to set under the average. \nBertrand Russell . faith and the Churches (1916), quoted from Annie Laurie Gaylor, perfidy of entrust: Clergy outcry of Children (1988). theology is something left oer(p) over from the early childhood of our intelligence, it go forth come to the highest degree away as we lead rationalness and intuition as our guidelines. Bertrand Russell ( attributed: consultation unknown). The nearly hazardous controversie s are those about matters as to which in that location is no smashing order any way. Persecution is apply in theology, not in arithmetic. \n'

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